Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to Our New Blog Spot!

We are so excited about our new company Distinctive Designs. We've had so many requests for pictures on the web that we have finally taken a moment to create this site. We hope that we can provide important information about our products and make it easier to find what you're looking for.

If you already know what you want to order, please email us at

Typically, when you order you would just let us know the general size and the type of font you want - script, bold, girly, etc. (or you can look at a list of some of our fonts here on the blog site), and then of course, what you want it to say.

Is there a special quote in your family that means "I love you"?

Do you want a quote that would inspire you?

Are you looking for ways to personalize or label things? Your child's room? A bucket of toys? Crayons, Markers, Pencils... etc?

Is there a special quote for an upcoming holiday?

These are all great ways to help inspire you! Vinyl lettering is a great way to personalize your space!

Here are some of our fonts! We have many more and we can also get any font that you want. If you know the name, let us know and we'll either have it or we'll be able to get it!


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Distinctive Designs offers a unique way to express yourself with vinyl lettering. Find a quote that speaks to you and adhere it to your wall, personalize items to add a designer flair to your space, or find a unique gift!