Saturday, September 13, 2008


Apples used to be the way to thank a teacher... hmmm, maybe you should consider giving a personalized gift made with vinyl lettering. We sell plaques with teacher's names on them as well as tiles with sayings specifically designed for teachers. You can also order just vinyl for the walls in the classroom or to adhere to a project you make for them. It's also a great tool for teacher organization - adhere it to the sides of buckets and file cabinets. We're not limited to only words either! We have cute clip art that would add whimsy to any classroom.

Are you a teacher? A Principal? A PTO represenative? Let us give you a custom quote and you might be eligible for a discount on large orders!

Interested in a frundraiser? Look at our fundraiser post! A large portion of the sales goes back to the school! Ask us about it!

Here are some examples of the work that we've done for schools and teachers:


Laurie said...

I featured your tile gift idea on Tip Junkie today. That's such a great quote. I have several vinyl tile quotes in my home and I just love them.

erinmalia said...

oh man. sorry but i have to say that you have a typo in the learning tile. maybe it's time to learn when to use its and it's correctly!

it should be "its" and not "it's".

Carrie Folsom & Andrea Pettit said...

Looks like you're right Erin... where's spell check! It's been fixed on our design and thankfully it is easy to remove the apostrophe!

erinmalia said...

oh phew! the tile is really cute and i'd hate to have something like that there, especially one destined for a teacher. you've got really nice things.

Distinctive Designs offers a unique way to express yourself with vinyl lettering. Find a quote that speaks to you and adhere it to your wall, personalize items to add a designer flair to your space, or find a unique gift!